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How COVID-19 Created A Bottleneck For The Skip Hire Companies In UK?

The novel coronavirus outbreak has affected over +20 million people worldwide. And with more than 320k persons infected with COVID-19, the situation in the UK is growing gruesome by the day (Updated: 22/08/2020). In present times, people are confined to their homes. The economic crisis is hovering over every country, and most industries are experiencing a crisis because of sales drop. In a situation where about 49% of enterprises are considering layoffs, and a third of companies have stopped hiring, Skip hire has experienced a different case altogether. 

Amidst this Covid-19 outbreak, the demand for waste disposal services has seen increases in demand. Besides, April to May is the business time for these waste disposal companies, as shown in this image below. It illustrates the Google trend for the search of ‘Skip Hire Company’ over a period. 

While the trend shows a gradual increase in demand for skip hire services, this outbreak of novel coronavirus hasn’t affected it adversely. 

How Covid-19 Created Bottleneck For Skip Hire Industry? 

Increased demand for Skip Hire companies as people are confined to their homes in the UK, they indulge in various Do it yourself (DIY) construction projects. Whether it is building a new dog shelter for their pet or reconstructing and redesigning their lawn, one keeps themselves occupied during this pandemic. Naturally, this demand for waste disposal companies increased with most people staying indoors and relying on these services. 

  • Struggle to bridge the demand-supply gap 

As the demand for skip and waste disposal companies go sky high amidst the Covid-19 pandemic situation, it becomes a necessity for such companies to meet the supply. However, the human resource working for the company is hugely affected because of the difficult situation and has to take care of precautionary norms. 

They must take care of good sanitisation habits so that the employees, as well as customers, stay protected during this crisis. Amidst the need for safety and the need to meet the demand of customers in the UK, it is natural for skip hire companies to face a challenging situation. 

  • Implementation of restrictions 

Considering this chaos created by Covid-19, the UK government has incorporated several rules and laws in support of the safety of individuals. Understandably, this lockdown situation, sealed routes, and interrupted supply of goods have created issues for skip hire companies. 

There are times when they struggle to meet the increasing demand of customers because of various issues rising courtesy coronavirus pandemic. 

The above reasons work in tandem to create a scenario wherein people may find it challenging to acquire the services of waste disposal companies. The increasing demand, need for safety measures, struggling human resource workforce, implemented Covid-19 rules, and unavailability of resources has given rise to a bottleneck situation in the UK. 

Companies are struggling to bridge this demand-supply gap amidst this increasing demand for skip and waste disposal services requested by customers. Some are keeping with demand like this skip hire firm that I called and have some room in their booking but the other 5 that I called are fully booked. However, they are determined to recover from the situation and help more individuals with their services… I’ve been told.  

Steps To Overcome Bottleneck Situation 

Irrespective of this havoc caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, Skip hire companies try to overcome this deadlock situation. To do this, they have taken a few initiatives that can help them meet the demand-supply gap cohesively. The steps are as follows 

  • They have tried to improvise their business strategy as the situation here is different than usual. They are working on devising an approach that can help meet the demand of most customers amidst the chaotic situation caused by the novel coronavirus. 
  • They are adhering to all safety standards to keep their employees safe and protected. Naturally, they will be able to work efficiently and contribute to increased productivity. 

Subsequently, even though the recent coronavirus outbreak has caused a situation of the bottleneck, they are continually struggling to make this situation better and serve the customers better.

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Tiles are beautiful and exotic; they come in different colors and designs. You get to enjoy the beauty and class they provide until it is time to clean. Some people would rather get professional cleaners to do their tiles. But if you are like me and you want to put that energy in it, then I will show you the best tile cleaning techniques there are. When it comes to cleaning tiles, you have to ensure that stains are removed in such a way that the tiles are not slippery or pose any hazard to the occupants of the house (or space containing the tiles).

Tiles have gained popularity in recent times due to the improvement in their make and design as compared to before. They are generally made of stone, ceramic, porcelain, or even vinyl and can be found in different shapes, sizes and designs; there are even 4D hyper-realistic designs of tiles that look so realistic that they have been known to create illusions in the mind.

Things to look out for when cleaning tiles

Tile cleaning Maui expert Nathans says there are certain factors that will help you understand your tiles, thus making it easier to clean. Some of these include.

  • Material: The material used in making the tile is as important as the tile itself. The major types of tiles (classified according to the material used in producing them) include Stone Tiles, Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles, and Vinyl or Linoleum Tiles. It is particularly important to know the exact material used in making the tiles so that you can also know the kind of materials you will use to clean them. For example, it would be out of place to use the materials used in cleaning stone tiles to clean ceramic or vinyl tiles and vice versa. For instance, calcareous stone tiles like limestone and marble may react to certain cleaning chemicals, while silicone types may not. Generally, try to wipe off acidic or alkaline substances as quickly as possible.
  • Technique and Maintenance Type: This is almost like knowing the kind of tiles you have, but it is also slightly different. The type of tiles you have will determine the technique you will use to clean it as well as the type of maintenance the tiles will get. Some tiles need a simple wipe down from time to time, while some other types need extra scrubbing with cleaning products.

Tile Cleaning Techniques

Generally, there are 2 basic tile cleaning techniques, and they are.

  • Dry Cleaning: This method of cleaning tiles involves sweeping the tiles and using a dry cloth or mop to remove the stains on the tiles. Dry cleaning works for mild stains on tile surfaces like ceramic, porcelain, and even vinyl. However, it is not very suitable for stone tiles.
  • Wet Cleaning: This is the more common method of cleaning tiles. The wet cleaning method can either be wet cleaning alone (where the tiles are washed either with a cleaner made specifically for tiles or with soap and then rinsed before being mopped dry) or a mixture of both dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Wet cleaning can be used for harder tile materials like stone tiles.

How to clean tiles according to their materials

This is a more specific outline on how to clean the different types of tiles.

Ceramic (and Porcelain) Tiles:

Like other types of tiles, the idea behind cleaning ceramic tiles is to remove stains, but in a way that causes little or no damage to the tile surface. A good way to clean ceramic tiles is to.

  • Use dry cleaning method by sweeping (or vacuuming) the tiles first to remove dirt.
  • You can use a mild detergent to mop the tiles as sweeping would have removed most of the dirt, but the mopping would remove the residual stains left on the surface and edges of the tiles. You can also mop the tiles a second time (with a dry cloth) to give it the shine you desire.

For ceramic tiles, you can use a range of cleaners and detergents ranging from homemade products to tile cleaners sold in stores. You need to note, however, that a “rag hair” mop is most suitable than a sponge mop as the latter can create abrasions on the tile surface.

Stone (and Marble/Granite) Tiles:

Stone tiles are made of more durable material. To clean your stone tiles.

  • Use the wet cleaning method to scrub your tiles clean before mopping it dry. The wet cleaning method ensures that the cleaning solution softens the dirt before/while scrubbing and wiping.

You must note, however, that you should always use neutral cleaners (both homemade and store purchased) to clean stone tiles as acidic cleaners gently erode the surface of the tiles, thereby shortening its lifespan.

Vinyl (and Linoleum Tiles):

Cleaning these kinds of tiles involves a method like cleaning ceramic tiles, only with a few differences.

  • Use specific detergent to clean vinyl tiles, where homemade cleaners (like water and vinegar) are not readily available. A good example of this detergent is Borax.
  • Do not be afraid to wax your tiles frequently after cleaning. Vinyl tiles give the extra shine that you like after they are waxed.

In conclusion, there

is no absolute cleaning technique that is best for your tiles. The most important thing is to ensure that you are using the right technique to get those stubborn stains off your tiles in a way that preserves the lifespan of the tiles!


Roof Soft wash Cleaning

Roof soft washing is basically a technique whereby all the different kinds of debris such as algae, moss, fungi, bacteria and other similar kinds of muck which are present on top of your roof is cleared off, using low pressure along with specialized solutions such as bleaching, using of water and in certain cases, using a surfactant.

How and why is roof soft washing necessary?

Doing this has its benefits, most of which are of extreme importance when looking to have a long-lasting, healthy roof. Thus, without further discussions, let us look at some of the most important Pros as well as Dos and Don’ts of having your roof cleaned using the method of soft washing.


  • Soft washing of the roof helps to curb its appeal – When you make an attempt to clean your roof using the method of soft washing, you ensure that your home not only looks great but also hold a high property value. Along with this, having your roof cleaned is a far more economical alternative, when taking into consideration of replacing the roof completely.
  • Having the added advantage of getting a warranty from most shingle manufacturers – As the point, itself suggests, maximum shingle manufacturers expect from their property owners exclusive as well as adequate maintenance of their own roofs, so that they are able to maintain their manufacturer’s warranty. When there is debris growth such as algae and fungus as well as any other type of growth or staining, then it is necessary that it be cleaned so as to maintain the manufacturer’s issued warranty.


  • Always remember to use biodegradable and environment-friendly chemicals when soft washing your roof.
  • Remember to often check for signs of leakage as well as deterioration in the interiors of the roof’s deck. Also, keep an eye on the exterior walls for staining as well as any form of leakage.
  • Remember to clear all the gutters, downspouts as well as scuppers. Then, clean out the drains and check whether they are working properly or not. Finally, remember to remove all the debris that is there all around.
  • Make an effort to remove any and every extra tree limbs that may be growing around the areas of the roof, even if they help in creating a lot of shade, as these branches help in the growth of moulds and lead to an increase in debris.


  • Never leave any kind of algae, fungus, bacteria or mould unattended on the roof. The reason behind this is, it thickens and then if it keeps growing on an asphalt shingle roof, it leads to the raising up of the shingle. When the shingle gets raised, it leads water to enter under the shingles which in turn causes the decking to rot and then leads in the leaking of the roof.
  • Never try to scrape off algae or mould from the roof. The reason behind this is, it can cause the asphalt shingles to crack, rip or even break themselves. For roof cleaning use reputable companies.

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Designing the roof of a house plays an important part during the construction of a house. The roof is one of the most exposed parts of a house. It has to bear with direct sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions. Thus, designing the roof correctly, with the correct type of material, color, texture, and shape is very important. According to the needs of a house, the type of roof that is designed for the house also changes. This article focuses on finding the top 3 most spectacular roof designs. Roof design can depend on various factors.

Considerations before designing a roof:

While designing a roof, one sees the material that they want to use for the roof, the budget that they have to spare of the construction of the roof, the type of design they want to use for their roof and the purpose for which they want their roof to be used. There are different types of roofing materials and shingles available in the market when it comes to the construction of the roof.

All shingles have their pros and cons. While buying one has to consider the best option for them and buy accordingly. Some of the things that are seen while choosing the material of the roof are their visual appeal, durability, affordability, cooling capacity, and the ability to resist water absorption. There are many types of materials used in the construction such as tiles, wood, metal, synthetic rubber, etc. that are used for construction of the roof but the most commonly used material is asphalt.

Different types of terraces:

The next step that comes in roof designing is the purpose for which one is designing their roof. Roof terraces are the new trend now, wherein people are trying to find out ways to use their roofs in the best way possible. Roof terraces, if designed properly make the house extremely beautiful. A flat roof can be easily designed into a beautiful terrace.

It can be made an open area with comfy chairs to study or sit during the summers. Green roof terraces are also very popular these days. People like growing grass and vegetation on their roofs. This helps in cooling the temperature of the roof and as a result, that of the house. It acts as a natural barrier against pollution and also makes the ambience on the roof look fantastic.

The roof can be styled to have a modern look or it can be designed to give it a touch of the vintage theme. All of this depends on the owner of the house. Some people think about ways to save energy and thus believe in covering their entire roofs with solar panels. Solar panels can help in harvesting solar energy and it can be used for different purposes at home.

Some people also go for a cozy setting on the roof which can include a jacuzzi or even a fireplace. According to the shape that a roof can be built-in, there are different roof types that exist. These include styles such as Gambrel, Gable, Skillion, Flat, Bonnet, Mansard, Hip, Saltbox, Curved, Sawtooth, Jerkinhead, etc. structures.

Top 3 most spectacular roof designs:

The top 3 most spectacular roof designs are Historial de la Vendee in France, Tongkonan in Indonesia and Biesbosch Museum, National Park De Biesbosch, the Netherlands.

Every roof needs maintenance for a better understanding visit this roof cleaning article.

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Cohousing Resources

On this website we will provide more information about co-housing in the United Kingdom. We will focus on giving readers new resources to deal with all kinds of problems that may be happening during your fist years in co-housing or cooperative housing units. Above everything we will give you solutions to all of them. Most common problem with this type of neighborhood structure is that we don’t know how to manage cleaning responsibilities and if they have not been dealt with right form the begging it can take out of control. We will talk: how to quickly create line of responsibilities in the community for cleaning and maintaining your shared spaces. How to hire good cleaning company to take care of this? How to pan the budget that is necessary to make everything run smoothly?

This website is not only for people who are aspiring to be new property menages but also to regular homeowners who want to be better at managing their homes and communicating their needs to rest of the community. That’s it for now and wait for more articles.