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Cohousing Resources

On this website we will provide more information about co-housing in the United Kingdom. We will focus on giving readers new resources to deal with all kinds of problems that may be happening during your fist years in co-housing or cooperative housing units. Above everything we will give you solutions to all of them. Most common problem with this type of neighborhood structure is that we don’t know how to manage cleaning responsibilities and if they have not been dealt with right form the begging it can take out of control. We will talk: how to quickly create line of responsibilities in the community for cleaning and maintaining your shared spaces. How to hire good cleaning company to take care of this? How to pan the budget that is necessary to make everything run smoothly?

This website is not only for people who are aspiring to be new property menages but also to regular homeowners who want to be better at managing their homes and communicating their needs to rest of the community. That’s it for now and wait for more articles.

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