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How COVID-19 Created A Bottleneck For The Skip Hire Companies In UK?

The novel coronavirus outbreak has affected over +20 million people worldwide. And with more than 320k persons infected with COVID-19, the situation in the UK is growing gruesome by the day (Updated: 22/08/2020). In present times, people are confined to their homes. The economic crisis is hovering over every country, and most industries are experiencing a crisis because of sales drop. In a situation where about 49% of enterprises are considering layoffs, and a third of companies have stopped hiring, Skip hire has experienced a different case altogether. 

Amidst this Covid-19 outbreak, the demand for waste disposal services has seen increases in demand. Besides, April to May is the business time for these waste disposal companies, as shown in this image below. It illustrates the Google trend for the search of ‘Skip Hire Company’ over a period. 

While the trend shows a gradual increase in demand for skip hire services, this outbreak of novel coronavirus hasn’t affected it adversely. 

How Covid-19 Created Bottleneck For Skip Hire Industry? 

Increased demand for Skip Hire companies as people are confined to their homes in the UK, they indulge in various Do it yourself (DIY) construction projects. Whether it is building a new dog shelter for their pet or reconstructing and redesigning their lawn, one keeps themselves occupied during this pandemic. Naturally, this demand for waste disposal companies increased with most people staying indoors and relying on these services. 

  • Struggle to bridge the demand-supply gap 

As the demand for skip and waste disposal companies go sky high amidst the Covid-19 pandemic situation, it becomes a necessity for such companies to meet the supply. However, the human resource working for the company is hugely affected because of the difficult situation and has to take care of precautionary norms. 

They must take care of good sanitisation habits so that the employees, as well as customers, stay protected during this crisis. Amidst the need for safety and the need to meet the demand of customers in the UK, it is natural for skip hire companies to face a challenging situation. 

  • Implementation of restrictions 

Considering this chaos created by Covid-19, the UK government has incorporated several rules and laws in support of the safety of individuals. Understandably, this lockdown situation, sealed routes, and interrupted supply of goods have created issues for skip hire companies. 

There are times when they struggle to meet the increasing demand of customers because of various issues rising courtesy coronavirus pandemic. 

The above reasons work in tandem to create a scenario wherein people may find it challenging to acquire the services of waste disposal companies. The increasing demand, need for safety measures, struggling human resource workforce, implemented Covid-19 rules, and unavailability of resources has given rise to a bottleneck situation in the UK. 

Companies are struggling to bridge this demand-supply gap amidst this increasing demand for skip and waste disposal services requested by customers. Some are keeping with demand like this skip hire firm that I called and have some room in their booking but the other 5 that I called are fully booked. However, they are determined to recover from the situation and help more individuals with their services… I’ve been told.  

Steps To Overcome Bottleneck Situation 

Irrespective of this havoc caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, Skip hire companies try to overcome this deadlock situation. To do this, they have taken a few initiatives that can help them meet the demand-supply gap cohesively. The steps are as follows 

  • They have tried to improvise their business strategy as the situation here is different than usual. They are working on devising an approach that can help meet the demand of most customers amidst the chaotic situation caused by the novel coronavirus. 
  • They are adhering to all safety standards to keep their employees safe and protected. Naturally, they will be able to work efficiently and contribute to increased productivity. 

Subsequently, even though the recent coronavirus outbreak has caused a situation of the bottleneck, they are continually struggling to make this situation better and serve the customers better.

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