Roof Soft wash Cleaning

Roof soft washing is basically a technique whereby all the different kinds of debris such as algae, moss, fungi, bacteria and other similar kinds of muck which are present on top of your roof is cleared off, using low pressure along with specialized solutions such as bleaching, using of water and in certain cases, using a surfactant.

How and why is roof soft washing necessary?

Doing this has its benefits, most of which are of extreme importance when looking to have a long-lasting, healthy roof. Thus, without further discussions, let us look at some of the most important Pros as well as Dos and Don’ts of having your roof cleaned using the method of soft washing.


  • Soft washing of the roof helps to curb its appeal – When you make an attempt to clean your roof using the method of soft washing, you ensure that your home not only looks great but also hold a high property value. Along with this, having your roof cleaned is a far more economical alternative, when taking into consideration of replacing the roof completely.
  • Having the added advantage of getting a warranty from most shingle manufacturers – As the point, itself suggests, maximum shingle manufacturers expect from their property owners exclusive as well as adequate maintenance of their own roofs, so that they are able to maintain their manufacturer’s warranty. When there is debris growth such as algae and fungus as well as any other type of growth or staining, then it is necessary that it be cleaned so as to maintain the manufacturer’s issued warranty.


  • Always remember to use biodegradable and environment-friendly chemicals when soft washing your roof.
  • Remember to often check for signs of leakage as well as deterioration in the interiors of the roof’s deck. Also, keep an eye on the exterior walls for staining as well as any form of leakage.
  • Remember to clear all the gutters, downspouts as well as scuppers. Then, clean out the drains and check whether they are working properly or not. Finally, remember to remove all the debris that is there all around.
  • Make an effort to remove any and every extra tree limbs that may be growing around the areas of the roof, even if they help in creating a lot of shade, as these branches help in the growth of moulds and lead to an increase in debris.


  • Never leave any kind of algae, fungus, bacteria or mould unattended on the roof. The reason behind this is, it thickens and then if it keeps growing on an asphalt shingle roof, it leads to the raising up of the shingle. When the shingle gets raised, it leads water to enter under the shingles which in turn causes the decking to rot and then leads in the leaking of the roof.
  • Never try to scrape off algae or mould from the roof. The reason behind this is, it can cause the asphalt shingles to crack, rip or even break themselves. For roof cleaning use reputable companies.

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